Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Tour : The Crimson Crimes (Guest Post + Giveaway)

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Guest post :
What does your Crimson series have to offer that other vampire novels don’t offer?
There have been many movies and novels about vampiresbut few of these feature one solitary vampire. In my Crimson series, there is one vampire – to be precise the One and Only Vampire on Earth, whose powers are handed down by a predecessor. In 2006, a physics professor from the University of Central Florida wrote a paper on geometric progression. He argued the mathematical illogic of having more than one vampire; he demonstrated that if every victim bitten by a vampire in turn would transform into a vampire and bite someone else and turn that person into a vampire then there would be no humans left in the world within two years – just vampires. One vampire has more kick.Admittedly though, I cheat because my One and Only Vampire has a goal is to create a new race of hybrid vampires by biting pregnant women in their ninth month.Only a small handful of my Crimson hybrids remain alive. Also, the erotica in my series jumps off the page and spares no gentle heart; it’s not meant for teens. I have nothing against paranormal teen romances because I’m thrilled with young readers who have a passion for books.Thecurrent vampire erotica market is picking up speed. If you search vampire erotica on at least (250) popular titles will be highlighted but given that tens of thousands of new titles are released each year, globally, it seems like a drop in the bucket. It’s therefore important for other writers to jump into the vampire erotica scene. Competition is a good thing. Competition and supremacy are the reason why vampires endure in the literary world – they are number one in the minds of many, as villain, loverand yes even hero.

About the Book :
Title : The Crimson Crimes - a vampire revenge (Crimson, #5)
Author : Patricia K. McCarthy
Launch date: 11 October (event details to follow; will take place in Ottawa)
Format: Paperback, Ebook, 308 pages

It’s the dead of night in the dead of winter, and bodies have been found, stacked ceiling-high, in a hillside cave in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park; necks pierced, blood drained – the usual. The city is gripped by a dusk-till-dawn curfew. The press, police and public have whipped each other into a glorious panic over someone or something called the “Vampire Undertaker.” Well, when did a silly curfew ever shut down the kitchen party at the Crimson house? Bring beer, bring smokes, but please bring yourself to meet The Vampires (there are at least four of them) and their quirky human pals. We can take turns feeding the baby vampire, stalling the cops when they come knocking, and tripping out on that time-dream machine up in the bedroom. You’ve got to love people who know how to make their own fun!

Author Bio:
Patricia K. McCarthy lives and writes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her Crimson vampires series has received extensive media coverage in national and local newspapers, as well as on radio and television. For details, visit her website.

You can find Patricia K. McCarthy online :


  1. I read a lot of books that revolve around vampires. My first experience with reading about vampires was actually the Twilight Saga books, so I think I'm going to have to say they are my favorites because those books are why I love to read now. But as I said, I've read a lot of vampire stories, and I've enjoyed so many of them that it's not really easy for me to choose favorites. I tend to like them all. :D I've recently started reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.


    1. Actually, the same thing happened to me. Twilight was also the first vampire book I've enjoyed and it made me love to read vampire books. So, I would say Twilight is my favorite. :)