Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review : Ordained (The Immortal Archives, #1)

Author: Devon Ashley
Category : Science Fiction
Format: Paperback (332 pages)
Publisher: Createspace(30 March 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461001528
ISBN-13: 978-1461001522

Goodreads description :
Abby Sorrensten likes to play rough. Ripping the horns off the foreheads of demons, manipulating lightning and setting things on fire with the flick of your wrist can give you a serious rush. So she probably wasn’t the best choice for the Order’s experimental training program. Thirteen years of isolation, lack of affection and a bruised and broken body from horrendous training sessions creates more than just an exceptional fighter. It creates an evil within - an evil responsible for several deaths the night she left.

Two hundred years later Abby resurfaces as the very thing the Order trained her to kill: a vampire. A mythical demon has set his sights on the school and only the ordained hunter has the powers to face it. Unbeknownst to the Order, Abby’s their precious ordained one and their only chance for survival. As much as she would love to leave them hanging, she’s not willing to risk the life of Emily, a fellow friend and hunter also fed up with the organization.

But for Abby, locking herself away in a fortress with angry descendents of those she killed causes suspicions and tensions to run high. Abby must learn the demon’s weaknesses for battle before the Order learns hers.

My Thought :
Abigail Sorrensten was the Order's experimental training program. Abby was treated differently from other hunters. She was beaten, bruised and isolated for 13 years. One night, Abby lost control, killed the people who hurt her and left the Order.

Emily Davis is the first huntress who live past her 25 birthday. The order trained the hunters to kill the vampire, but not trained them to kil the demon. So for years, hunters have died at the age of 25 because Eraticus, a great a demon. She met Abby for the first time at the night of her 25 birthday.

Two hundreds years later, when Abby and Noel, her husband, reappears, the Order is in shock because they think she's already dead a long time ago. Now, the Order need her help to face the Morphus. Only the ordained hunter can fight the Morphus and she is the ordained huntress. She have to find out the Morphus's weakness and try to keep her secret from the order.

Ordained is the first book of Immortal Archives.We can find hunter, vampire, witch and demon in this book. This book have strong characters and full of action. So many mystery in this book that make this book unpredictable. Overall, the book is great.
If you love to read Supernatural stories, you should read this.

I give Ordained 4 out of 5 stars.

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